Kinderherzen heilen e.V. is a charity that supports children with inborn heart issues and their parents in an extremely challenging and often life threatening situation.


One out of hundred children in Germany is born with a heart issue. For 80% of them this means open-heart surgery, often just days after their birth. This includes weeks, sometimes months, of hospital stays and the uncertainty of how things will continue. The children may have malformed heart valves, holes in the heart septum or wait for a transplant. The latter might take two weeks or two years – or too long…


Can you imagine what this means for the families? This is where Kinderherzen heilen e.V. steps in. In Kinderherzzentrum Gießen (children’s heart center in the town of Gießen) they support the little patients and their families in many ways, such as:

  • Connecting with other parents in the same situation
  • Constructing and maintaining playing rooms in the clinic, so children can be children and play and have fun
  • Providing apartments close to the clinic for parents
  • Providing a professional psychologist to support children and parents in these extremely challenging situations
  • Providing kindergarden teachers to help kids lead a life a little more normal and to keep up with their peers.


Memorial Wall with hand- or footprints of the patients and the dates of their stays.
Memorial Wall with hand- or footprints of the patients and the dates of their stays.

All of this is of utmost importance to the children as well as parents and it is not covered by the healthcare system.



To provide all this Kinderherzen heilen e.V. needs tens of thousands of Euros in donations each year. So we want to support Kinderherzen heilen e.V. and create awareness for their work by dedicating our Race Across America to them. We hope to raise at least 5000€ what would be about one Euro for each kilometre we cycle at RAAM.

Furthermore we will cycle entire 2019 in multiple races for this good cause and hope to find many to support us.